• Hyolyn? Jungkook? Ailee? SpongeBob.

    Hey Lai-Fattheads!

    I know that Kyle Lai-Fatt himself would probably never find this website. He has millions of fansites and he probably hasn't visited half of all of them.

    But, if KLF finds out about Wikia, maybe he'll search "Kyle Lai-Fatt Wikia" on Google, and he'll see this wiki. So this blog is about things you want to tell KyKy.

    So just comment down below with what to tell him :) Have fun!

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  • Hyolyn? Jungkook? Ailee? SpongeBob.

    Hello gang, I'm Erikka, and this is my personal ranking of Kyle Lai-Fatt's songs! Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy! Sorry, if your favorite song is low on this list, feel free to become a Lai-Fatthead! Okay, here we go!

    Top 3!***
    This was actually the very first KLF song I remember hearing. Don't understand why this is not #1! I love this song and the meme that comes with it!
    The poetic storytelling nature of Kyle Lai-Fatt's lyrics combined with his brilliant musical composition places, "Leave a Light On" as the number one bubblegum song of all time. Mr. Lai-Fatt's arrangement …

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