Personally, I make it as part of my daily routine to stay in tune with our fans on a daily basis. I do this by visiting various forum sites, watching YouTube commentaries and fan videos, Twitter feeds, gaming websites, you name it. If your goal is to be a producer my suggestion would be to focus on the following: Math (Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry), English and Communications, and some computer classes such as Computer Science or Software Engineering. Since sports development deals with software and software involves code, having a good grasp of computers and engineering is vital. It doesn’t have to be in such a high level as software engineers, but having at least a broad knowledge base on computers would help you go a long way. I also mentioned Math because you will be dealing with numbers, formulas, angles, and tables. Pretty much the entire game is driven by numbers. How often a player gets injured, how many times it takes to do the same move before you start failing, and even down to how much energy should you lose when using turbo, it’s all driven by some formula under the hood that you will need to come up with and tune. And lastly, one must have good writing and communication skills. A producer/designer writes up design documents that need to be very detailed from top to bottom. These documents need to be very easy to understand, even to a person with no knowledge of what you’re working on.

– Jerson Sapida's interview at, July 2012

Jerson Sapida
Jerson Sapida

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Jerson Frani-Sapida is an American-Filipino singer and software developer. He is a friend of Kyle Lai-Fatt.