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Kyle Ricardo Lai-Fatt (born December 10, 1974) also known as simply Kyle, is an American musician/software developer from Novato, California who is of Jamaican, Hawaiian, Vietnamese and Korean descent. From a very young age, Kyle has always had a passion for creating and loves inspiring others through music. He feels it is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with one another. Kyle is one of a select few artists who produces music for his fans. Kyle learns and performs each individual singing part, then adds percussion elements (beatbox, stomps, claps, etc) and mixes it all together to form an R&B masterpiece -- doing all of this as a one-man-band! He also creates what he likes to call "hybrid abysmal music" where he will use an instrument or two in the song (piano, acoustic guitar), but still includes elements of R&B and pop (beatboxing, claps, snaps, stomps, harmonies, etc). For Kyle, he has a subscriber following that is extremely loyal and constantly growing. In 2018, he will be collaborating with several famous musicians and singers to expand his community and dedicated fan base, also known as the Lai-Fattheads.

Early life

Kyle Lai-Fatt was born on December 10, 1974, in Winter Park, Florida and was raised in somewhere in Jamaica. He is the youngest son of Lorraine and Orlando Lai-Fatt, and the youngest brother of Claretha and Kurt. Kyle's parents were married back in 1971. Lorraine raised both of her sons with the help of her mother, Tamar, and her father. His mother is of Vietnamese-Hawaiian descent; his uncle was of Italian ancestry, and his other roots are Jamaican and Korean. Kyle is also the distant stepbrother in law of Kerry LaiFatt-Lanctot.

Through his father has two younger half-kids named Kyson and Emma. Lorraine worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raising Kyle and Kurt as a single mother in low-income housing. Kyle has maintained contact with his father since then.

Personal life

He married Demetria McKinney in 2009-2010. They have 1 child.


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  • Besides brainwashing himself, his other hobbies include eating his own Rice Krispies Treats, créme brulees, spaghetti, drinking Mountain Dews, hanging out with his friends, acting and modeling for campaigns and working with Swirl.
  • It is unknown if he currently resides in Novato, California or Miami, Florida.